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Welcome to Ag1054

We are Yukon’s first ever off-grid containerized hydroponic unit. Located at mile 1054 on the Alaska highway and partnered with the Arctic Institute of North America, we are researching containerized food production systems with the joint goal to supply fresh produce to the communities of the Kluane Lake region on a year-round basis.

How do we grow produce?

Just add water! We use Hydroponics, which is the process of growing plants using a nutrient rich water solution instead of dirt. Because we grow our produce in such a controlled environment, no pesticides or herbicides are used!
Our 40 by 8 ft shipping container is able to grow the same amount of produce as a one-acre farm year-round.
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We serve areas surrounding the Kluane Lake region, such as Haines Junction, Destruction Bay, and other areas along the Alaska Highway. We offer two different sizes of monthly subscriptions. A mini for someone on the go, and a standard subscription for larger residences.

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Who are our partners?

Thanks to the help of our partners, including the University of Calgary, Arctic Institute of North America, Kluane Lake Research Station, Solvest Inc., ColdAcre Food Systems Inc., Kluane First Nation, and Cropbox, we are able to grow leafy greens and give back to the communities of the Kluane Lake region.
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