Ag1054 is Yukon’s first ever off-grid containerized hydroponic farming system.

Partnered with the University of Calgary and Arctic Institute of North America, the container is located at the Kluane Lake Research Station on mile 1054 of the Alaska Highway.


Despite the colder weather and low light conditions in the Yukon, Ag1054 is able to provide another option to local communities for fresh produce. How? Well, we are the Kluane Lake’s first ever off-grid containerized hydroponic growing system which has the potential to produce 700 individual plants a week!
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Made from a converted 40 by 8 ft shipping container, this off-grid system is designed to use solar power and well water from the surrounding environment. The hydroponic system requires no dirt and instead a nutrient rich water solution provides maturing plants with everything needed to grow and thrive. Because of the unit’s modular design and controlled environment, we are able to maximize the growing potential of our plants, allowing us to grow the same amount of produce as a one-acre farm year-round!
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Thanks to the use of hydroponics, we have a wide variety of possibilities for what can be grown in the unit. Things such as leafy greens (kale, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, bok choi), herbs (basil, cilantro, thyme), fruiting plants (tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers), and even root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, radishes). We are always taking suggestions for what to grow next, if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see in the unit please contact us or visit our Facebook page @Ag1054.
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Once operational Ag1054 will supply produce to the surrounding areas of the Kluane Lake region and to various partnerships, such as local restaurants and grocery stores. We also are participating in various community events, as well as created events of our own, Covid-19 permitting. To purchase Ag1054 produce please visit our subscription page.
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Our staff

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Henry Penn, Ph.D.

Dr. Henry Penn is currently implementing a program to bring sustainable energy and agricultural infrastructure and technologies to the Kluane Lake Research Station. The aim is to develop a demonstration platform for providing an experimental facility that can be used as a test bed prior to major investment in new technologies, while at the same time modernizing the research station facilities and lowering our environmental footprint.

Our partners

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Owner of the Kluane Lake Research Station, the University of Calgary is a proud sponsor of the Ag1054 project.

Arctic Institute of North America's Colour Horizontal Logo

Works with the Kluane Lake Research Station to ensure the safe practice of science and provide archival information for the project.

Kluane Lake Research Station logo

Kluane Lake Research Station, managed by the Arctic Institute of North America and established in 1961, provides support to researchers in Canada and around the world.

Solvest Inc. logo

Solvest is a northern Canadian based solar company specializing in residential, commercial, First Nations & Inuit, and utility-scale solar installations.

ColdAcre's Colour Horizontal Logo

ColdAcre are growers, builders, designers, consultants, and suppliers of innovative and sustainable growing systems for fresh and nutritious food year-round.

Cropbox Canada logo

Cropbox is a turnkey controlled environment agriculture system that grows crops within a shipping container.

Kluane First Nation logo

From the shores of Kluane Lake to the far reaches of the St.Elias and Ruby mountain ranges, the Kluane Lake area is the traditional territory of the Lhù’ààn Mân Ku Dań, the Kluane Lake People.

ColdAcre's Colour Horizontal Logo

Carl Burgess, B.E.S., M.Sc. — CEO
Tarek Bos-Jabbar, B.Sc. — CEO
Denise Gordon, B.Sc., AIT — Lead Grower

Kluane First Nation logo

Kluane First Nation contribution here...

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Kluane Lake Research Station
Mile 1054 Alaska Highway
Yukon Y0B 1H0

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