Ag1054 is an experimental project with a huge outreach program. Our focus is growing plants hydroponically so we have access to them throughout the winter. We will also answer questions such as:

  • How does the nutrient concentration provided to seedlings affect their shelf life after they are harvested?
  • What is the general nutrient value of hydroponically grown produce versus produce found in local grocery stores?

We look forward to sharing our progress and findings!

What exactly is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing produce without the use of dirt. Instead, we use a nutrient rich water solution to provide our plants with everything they need to grow and mature. Contrary to popular belief, hydroponics has been a common agricultural practice throughout the ages, depicted in ancient art and tapestries. Although many crops can be grown using hydroponics, certain crops such as wasabi can only be grown using this method.
Nutrient rich droplet of water
Ag1054 uses a specific type of hydroponic process called “nutrient film technique". With this technique we grow our plants in slanted shelves at a 4% grade and utilize gravity to wash our nutrient mix over the roots of the plants. There are various other hydroponic techniques that allow individuals all over the world to grow produce, however the nutrient film technique specifically allows Ag1054 to maximize growing capacity in our 40 by 8 ft shipping container.
4 percent gradient


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Can you grow potatoes and other root vegetables?

Yes, we can. However, because root vegetables have an extremely long shelf life they can survive well into the winter months and therefore it would be more beneficial to grow a more vitamin rich produce that doesn't have a long shelf life.

Can you grow fruiting plants?

Yes, we can, and this is something we plan to look into. We will have to modify our unit slightly to accommodate fruiting bodies. By slightly adjusting the light cycle from 16 hours on 8 hours off to an even 12/12 split.

What do you plant the seeds into?

We use a sub-straight called rock wool. Rock wool is molten rock that has been superheated and then spun like cotton candy forming a soft bouncy material that is super absorbent.

What does "off-grid" mean?

Our hydroponic unit is off grid, meaning that it uses well water and solar power as a renewable energy source.

What kind of education do you need to run a hydroponics unit?

These hydroponic units are designed so that no previous experience is required. Just minimal training in order to understand the basics of how the unit works.

How long does it take for the seeds to mature?

It takes 6 weeks from seed to harvest. 2 weeks in the seedling area, and 4 weeks in the maturing shelves.

Can we contact Ag1054 for an interview, or for follow up questions?

Of course! You can message us on facebook @ag1054 or use our contact form.

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